Met by chance-who, destined to apart…

We met by chance, on a sunny day.

You saw me from quite far away.

You liked my eyes, I loved your smile.

It is when love began to thrive.

You pinged me up to meet again,

Trust me deep within, my heart too couldn’t refrain.

We met on the bridge on a foggy night,

Standing under the dim street light.

We talked and laughed and shared our thoughts.

Your charm couldn’t let me depart.

We planned to meet up day in and out,

over the bridge , when the stars came out.

With you, I loved to see the setting sun,

For us our journey had just begun.

I didn’t care what the people would say,

As long as you were with me everyday.

We never knew what life would bring-

a tradgic story that was about to spring.

I miss you today and everyday,

for you’ve left and gone so far away.

My heart broke into a million pieces,

Despite ignoring, the truth never ceases.

I know the fact that you will never return,

It still makes make heart to sink and churn.

As I sit alone, with closed gloomy eyes,

To see a glimpse of your sweet smile.

Everyone comes to drop a piece of advice,

that there don’t return the people who dies…

To fall in Love or not to fall in love ❤️

It so happened that winters were in its full fledge and moving out of blanket was a big task. Mahi, the girl with beautiful eyes filled with calmness, that reflects the shine of shyness and charm on her face had to let go all her laziness to get ready and leave for office.

Mahi is a very sensible girl. She knows how to deal with elderly people and all other age groups. This is not the only reason that she is liked for. Besides she is multitalented. She is a girl with dream in her eyes, focus in her mind and willpower in her heart. She never gave any negativity for the people around even if they were not his well-wishers and did not appreciated so much of positivity coming from her all the time.

Beside being a amazing person with a wonderful heart,she also gained a lot of attention from guys since her school times. Mahi had to ignored many of those attention due to her shy and introvert nature despite liking that, like any other girl.

The alarm rang, ‘tingling-tingling’, and Mahi is already sitting on her bed side, She is lost in some deep thinking.

Her face isn’t gleaming like usually it used to. The dark circle around her fixed eyes the floor clearly indicates that her heart is sunk in sadness today.

‘Mahi‘, a voice said. ‘Close the alarm dear’.

‘Yes mom’, she replied with a low voice.

She dressed up for her office and started to leave. Her mother asked her, ‘ Why are you leaving without having your break fast!’

‘I am not liking like having it’, and she left.

Mahi is manager IT and also chief advisor (partner) in a marketing company. Her seniors, her colleagues and clients are highly satisfied by her daily client handling and working with no stress attitude.

But today she is a different Mahi, her jovial nature could be seen missing and her fake laughter and un-matching replies in conversations could be noticed by all.

She sat till late in the office today, doing overtime , keeping herself busy as if she was avoiding into sinking again into some deep thoughts.

The desk phone rang ; she picked up and said: ‘Hello, KallySolutions,’ ‘Hello Ma’am, I am talking from ‘KIM International Firm , we had a word with your senior regarding the glitch that we have been facing since 3days, kindly do the needful with the request ID 0000009984EI.’

‘Ok, Sir, let me check and revert you with the solution by tomorrow’,Mahi replied calmly.

She left the office after an hour, late that night.

She reached her home and while going to bed without having dinner she was stopped by her mother, ‘Mahi, is there anything you want to share with me?, is there something bothering you?, You can let me know honey.’

‘No Mom, I have a lot of work these days at the office’

‘Honey, all mothers have sixth sense’ so you can’t fake it to me atleast’.

This made Mahi came to tears and she sobbed while hugging her mother. She said, ‘Mother, 6months ago I met a guy named Sahil at my work place, who was also my classmate in college.’

He liked me during college days and had given hints several times. He had then joined office next to mine. We often went out for movies, lunch and coffee.

A month after, he expressed his love for me. He made me believe everything about him and how his love was pure for me.He never left a day without meeting me. His possessive nature towards me made me feel that I was so special and important in the entire universe for him.

His unplanned outing plans and surprises gave me whiplashes at times . I even started to day dream about how fantastic would it be to have such a jolly person with a big heart as a life partner!

‘My joy didn’t last for long as after 5 months of relationship started to be impinged by some of his so called female friends. He started to keep a distance from me. His call started to reduce. Gradually, he even started to avoid picking up my calls. I missed seeing him for days.’

And then she again started to sob and again after gathering all of herself , she continued, ‘Then one fine day I decided to confront him and ask what his problem was!

The next day I was sitting in the down hall ‘Hans -cafeteria’ next to his office building as I was pretty sure he never missed his morning coffee of Hans’.

Like I guessed, he entered the cafe unaware that I would be waiting for him. He ordered two coffee at the counter turned around and bam! I was standing just infront of him.

He tried to steal his eyes but then he must have thought that a useless idea. So, he gave a surprise gesture and said “Hey, long time, how are you doing?’

I forthrightly asked him, ‘. I can see that you are avoiding me, I am not here to make an issue but to clearify that whether I am wrong about What I am thinking or not?’

He hinted his colleague for taking 10mins and took me to the corner of the cafeteria.

He said while moving his eyeballs left and right in a whispering tone, ‘look Mahi, I don’t mean to hurt you but now as can already feel that there is no interest from my side. Let me be very clear with you. When I saw you here on the first day of my joining, you became my love interest again like you were in college to me and many more guys. But those were adolescent days. You are the most beautiful person that I have met but I seem to have been start liking one of my colleagues Renu and I have never felt that kind of love for you. I will always cherish the times spent with you.’

I just kept looking at his betrayed eyes as he kept stabbing my heart with those words. He further said, ‘ It would be nice of you if you can forgive me and move on in you life. If you want we can be good friends still.’

It became difficult for me to breathe anymore. Although I was flooded with anger and restless emotions. I felt like shouting and or even slapping him but my heart became so heavy that i could not do any of that . Rather I got up collected my stuffs(phone and bag )and left without looking back.

I went to the washroom and locked my self and sat sobbed trying to control my voice so that no one hears.

I controlled myself and made my way towards the cabin and engaged myself in work so that no one notices my red teary eyes.’

‘Mom, am I so bad that people may take me for granted?’

‘Does someone even love me to be there with me always,tell me mom?’

‘I am there for you my lovely daughter’ mom replied. Cry as much as you want tonight but when you get up tomorrow, no more of crying. People come and go and only few stays. This is life and we have to take as it comes. Some become lesson but one who stays forever deserves all your love. Do not let one bad chapter spoil rest of your life. Nobody is perfect neither me nor you nor the person who left you. Take life as a journey you cannot sit and cry over every stopage. Some may be a turning point in your life. And that is meant for our own good, I believe.’ And trust me, a good future is waiting for you.

She put her hand on my shoulder and then on my head and said, ‘ Sleep, my baby, tomorrow is a new day. I will make apple-pie your favourite for breakfast.’

Those were her words that changed my mind and consoled my wounded heart.

It is rightly said that mothers are images of God.

As the dawn started to break, the chirping of the birds at my balcony garden woke me up with a positive vibes. I walked out to the balcony and as I stood there with closed eyes , I took a deep breath . I could feel the freshness of the air, that is the time I promised myself to start my life again with a new spirit of happiness and focus on the life ahead.